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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death from over heating and inproper cleaning

Dust also killer of this xbox 360. The Red Ring Of Death..

please Clean your electronics !!
or call us when the fail... free eletronics recycling 1-800-313-7505 or email
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Dust The killer of this laptop

Dust and heat from clogged cooling vents is the almighty killer of this laptop.. The laptop to be nameless in this case was less than 2 years old and no longer covered under warranty. We discover this after opening the case. The customer of Ny Network Solutions had no idea that they had to clean their computer. The Big Box store never told them to clean it when they sold it. They sold this customer everything including 24x7 tech service. They never sold him a $6 can of air or told him to use it. Needless to say the Mainboard had failed along with the video and processor. The memory and the harddrive were the only survivors. The cost for replacing this board and processor are more than replacing the machine with new equipment. Now we have advised the customer to bring the computer in every 3 months for a tune up and checkup. We also create a digital encrypted image for the customer to keep a backup of all their data. Please clean your computers vents, fans and other openings once a month and please back up your data. We go out on service calls everyday where the customers data has been deleted or corrupted by malware.
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